Forward…but not to be too forward

I have always considered my-self a “straight” male. Many of my friends said “called it” when I said I was going to start “experimenting” with guys. That is however irrelevant. I will have changed the names of people and given them new ones to protect the identities of those who do not wish to be identified, additionally to protect the guilty (and innocent if there are any in what is to follow). I was out with some of my friends about a month after my 22nd birthday. I was out and I had said I was not going to drink, well as some of you know that doesn’t always work out the way you plan. It’s a good thing we started early in the evening because they bought me two double rum and Dr. Pepper wells. I drank both of the drinks along with several shots. After going back to the persons house lets call her Jen. Me and the girl that I am hitting on lets call her Brittany. Brittany and I are in the corner chair making out and being all “gooey” and “mushy”, sorry I am the kind of person who doesn’t usually care too much about what other think of my actions. Jen, Brittany and other in the room were talking and after some time Brittany and I lost most of the interest in the conversation mainly because we were both horny. At the time I lived with one of my aunts lets call her Joyce. Brittany and I went back to my place which was about five miles away from Jen’s house. Brittany and I went to Joyce’s house and went to the basement where I lived and we went into my room I was a virgin, she was not. I apparently at 22 had a bit of an issue getting it up when the person is not that attractive and the alcohol is still in my system, mainly because I took four shots of Jack Daniel’s before we went into my bedroom. I would like to say that after some other experiences and chatting with others, this person was “loose” literally as my fist fit in her vagina. After we “had sex” we went to sleep, if you are thinking that my first time was amazing, let me just say that I checked my phone because I had received a text message (lol) while in the middle of “doing it” (I still do this today, however now it is usually not due to a lack of interest in the sex, usually because I am addicted to my phone). Now for the part where my aunt Joyce comes in, not literally. After Brittany and I woke up and went upstairs, my aunt had cooked me breakfast and had also made some for Brittany, if you are thinking that this was a little awkward, you would be correct. I drove Brittany back to Jen’s house and I went to work. So there you have it that was my first time, and I would say to some degree I thought “Why would anyone want to do this?”. Next up we have where I have been for the last year as it was almost four years before my next sexual encounter and if you think it’s because I was studying hard in college I will tell you I still don’t have a degree and I have only attended one semester of College.


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