Late at night…

I have a dog that does not live with me her name is Whore-face (this is not her real name, however she does have dark spots around her eyes which looks like too much makeup). My dog lives in a nearby town with a family member, who at the time was out of town. I […]

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The turn…

As most magic enthusiast know there are three parts to most magic tricks, the “pledge” when a magician states what they will do, the “turn” typically when an object disappears, and finally the “prestige” when the magician brings the object in question back or does something unbelievable with the object. At this point you may be […]

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Managing decisions.

I initially decided to omit one person from this blog, however I felt that would be unfair. I started dating a co-worker from a place that I had previously worked at. June and I had worked together for sometime and had known each other for quiet awhile. One day after work I started to speaking to […]

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