Let’s just say it was and still is “complicated”…

At the time of this writing I am currently speaking to my now “it’s complicated” formerly known as my “girlfriend” Emma. I have asked her what she is comfortable with me talking about as a fair amount of the people she interacts with on a regular basis will be reading this blog. Here is what she said. “Bryan asked me out during his vow of silence. I decided “why not?”. About one or two months later we finally went on the date. We went on a few more dates, but due to his and my schedule they were few and far between and not much happened. After several months of maybe seeing each other once a week we mutually decided that we would officially just be friends. However after he got a new job where he was actually awake during the day, we were actually able to spend more time together and decided that we could give dating another try. Things again started slowly, and then sped up before plateauing when Bryan wanted to go farther than I was comfortable with. This was a decision that I spent a lot of time thinking about. What did I finally decide? That is none of your business. Once I finally made my decision, we had a lot of fun and a fairly steady relationship until again schedules started getting in the way. Due to the schedules and other issues that I was dealing with, it was then that I decided that I would be more comfortable with just being friends again. Bryan was very understanding about this decision and we were friends for awhile but kept drifting back together until we were essentially dating again.” This is about when I told Emma that I wanted to start experimenting. Why would I tell someone this when I was happy in a steady relationship? Because I was getting ready to turn twenty-six and I assumed that if I didn’t do this now I never would. That is when I joined Grindr. If you don’t already know, Grindr is an application for the gay and bi-sexual community that you may utilize to find people that want hook-ups and relationships (both platonic and non-platonic) in your area. I will go more in-depth on Grindr and how I got started on Grindr in my next post.


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