“Straight” to “Bi” with the tap of a screen…

I was looking for a way to try things with guys. How could I know who was gay/ bi without going to the local college campus and standing (not on the corner) in the quad yelling “I want to see what it’s like to have sexual relations with a guy. All interested guys please form an orderly que right here”. I did an online search for applications for finding guys in my area online. The result of that search was Grindr, I must say I spent a lot of time looking who was near me on Grindr. I was a little nervous with the application when I saw there was a section for “poz” which lead to another online search and that, for those of you wondering means that you are positive for human immunodeficiency virus also known as HIV or positive for some other sexually transmitted disease (STD). I was really nervous because I want to stay clean and I know a lot of people in the town I live in, and I wasn’t sure I was ready to put myself out there never the less I started building my profile.

E-mail, done.

Password, done.

Display name, done.

Profile Picture, well this took awhile. I must say I really had no idea if I wanted a profile picture. After some time I decided that I should defiantly reconsider weather or not I wanted to be on Grindr. I deliberated this for what I assume was about fifteen minutes. I decided that I would put a picture on the site.  I found a picture that I felt was an accurate and tasteful representation of who I am. Some of the first responses I received varied from a generic “Hey” to a dick pic (picture of a penis, presumably theirs). I was impart confused by this and this continued to happen through the entire course of me being on Grindr, for the record I still have the application. I had explained in my profile what I was looking for. I received a message from a gentleman…but before I can get into that I need to jump back to my friends and family. I will also tell you about my first girlfriend we shall call her Shirley.


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