Managing decisions.

I initially decided to omit one person from this blog, however I felt that would be unfair. I started dating a co-worker from a place that I had previously worked at. June and I had worked together for sometime and had known each other for quiet awhile. One day after work I started to speaking to June and asked her if she would go on a date with me. After talking with me for around an hour in the parking lot, June agreed. At the time I was a part time supervisor at the place where we worked. I spoke with the upper management team about my recent relationship and they said as long as our paths did not cross, and in the event that it was absolutely necessary that it was fine. June and I were to some degree in a high school relationship as we did not kiss for what if I remember correctly about a month. However the first time we did kiss there were fireworks. If you remember taking your first drag off a cigaret or any time that you felt like you might pass out, that is the closest thing I can compare this to. After we had started dating I asked June if she would come to a couple’s house with me as they were and still are good friends of mine. June agreed and as it turned out they already knew each other. Once we were all of legal age we had some fun drunken nights however none that compared to what is to come in the blog. Later in the blog I will reach a more recent happening that if I do say so myself is one of the best nights of my life and the best part is I originally said I wasn’t going to go to my co-workers birthday party. The reason for including June in this blog is because she means a lot to me even today, I don’t form attachments easily. When I do form an attachment it is usually very strong. I still remember the feeling of that first kiss with June. The next post will be about when I came “out”, and the one after that will be about my first time meeting a guy.


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