The turn…

As most magic enthusiast know there are three parts to most magic tricks, the “pledge” when a magician states what they will do, the “turn” typically when an object disappears, and finally the “prestige” when the magician brings the object in question back or does something unbelievable with the object. At this point you may be asking yourself “Why is that relevant?” and that is indeed a fair question. The reason is I feel that this is a great analogy for what has been my life.  I made a “pledge” or a promise to myself and the “turn” is at some point I lost this concept. Finally the “prestige” I am bring this back into my life. A long time ago I said I would try anything (with in reason) once.  What sparked all of this? An article I read that said all guys should experiment with each other at least once and another article that said up to five times. I had always been a little curious what it would be like to be with another guy. I am a male who is about six foot one inch, I weigh around two hundred and forty five pounds. I have brown hair, I am currently trying to rock the long on top and short on the sides look, as per the suggestion of one of my co-workers. I have brown hair and brown eyes, I am just a regular dominate gene pool over here. I spoke with my girlfriend (Emma) about my desire to engage in sexual relations with guys. I would be lying if I said she didn’t look a little shocked when I told her. However, the person I was most nervous about telling was one of my five housemates and best friend of two years.The individual in question will be Lane for the purpose of this blog. I do martial arts with Lane both Aikido (a Japanese martial art used for self defense) and Jiu-Jitsu (an art similar to wrestling). I am at the Dojo (school for martial arts) between seven and fifteen hours a week, fifteen is on an intense week. I told some of my friends and co-workers of the journey I was embarking on. I waited to tell Lane because he was was out of town for the summer. I then told my mom and sister. When Lane is gone I lead Jiu-Jitsu class. Lane originally told me that he was going to make the end of practice on the following day. I started the Wednesday class and Lane showed up early into the class. I told him I was going home and that when he got back to the house he should come to my room as I had something to talk to him about. I had a lot of build up in telling Lane so much so that he thought I was going to tell him I was going to be moving to Chicago. This was a reasonable assumption as it is something I have spoken about before and still want to do. However when I told him that I met a guy online, he initially asked for some clarification. I told Lane that I wanted to try kissing , giving and receiving a HJ (Hand Job), BJ (Blow Job), and anal. Lane said something to the effect of “okay, cool”. I was so surprised by his reaction I almost did not know what to say. I was immesly relieved that he was so understanding of what I wanted to do as I kind of thought he was a bit homophobic. I was so relieved after all of the anxiety I had getting ready to tell him and then to tell him before I was ready. I do have two house mates that did not take this as well as Lane Astrid and Thor. Astrid is Thor’s little sister, who is of legal age. I told Thor and due to the relationship we have he said that he did not support it, however he would not interfere. The reason for Thor not approving of my activities if for him to explain if he so chooses, and the same will go for Astrid who refuses to read my blog. I doubt that she will change her mind even after hearing that she is now in it. If you are wondering why I would care about what these people think, I would grant you that is a fair question. The answer is because we all do at least two martial arts together, and these are some of my good friends. I must thank Lane’s girlfriend Sidney she was there in my room with Lane when I told him and I feel that she is truly an amazing person as well. I will say that while not everyone has agreed or been okay with this decision, they have all been supportive or at least not shaming. I cannot tell you how much that means to me. I know some of my friends who have come “out” and have been shamed for it. I apparently was rude to one of my friends who will not be named on this blog. However I have told them that I am sorry for the way that I was told I handled the situation. I do not remember all of the details, however when I told this friend I was greeted with open arms, in the metaphorical sense (we are not very touchy feely). While I am on the subject this persons significant other, while when I first met this individual I was not impressed, I now feel privileged to know these two wonderful people who have been there for me thru it all, even when I said I was as straight as it gets.

Thanks you to all of you that have been so supportive. I wish I could name all of you, however I cannot as I A: don’t have that much time; B: I am fearful I would accidentally leave someone out; C: Not everyone wants to be mentioned on my blog. A big thanks to all of you who are still reading my blog.

Unless I am forgetting anything, next we will get into my first male on male encounter.


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