Late at night…

I have a dog that does not live with me her name is Whore-face (this is not her real name, however she does have dark spots around her eyes which looks like too much makeup). My dog lives in a nearby town with a family member, who at the time was out of town. I needed to check on her by one in the morning, before I left town I needed to go to Walmart. I had been messaging back and forth with this guy on Grindr. This guy messaged me and said that it would be okay if I went to his place. My phone had just died, so I started talking to him on my iPad. After we were talking for awhile I decided to go with a dead phone and did not tell anyone because my phone was dead. Why did I not tell anyone via Facebook on my iPad, I do not know. In Kansas you are not required to have  a conceal carry permit to legally conceal a handgun. I put my gun on my hip ad pulled my shirt over the gun. I did this because I just wanted a little extra security as it was entirely possible that the guy I was going to meet was a weirdo, murder or rapist. I looked at the address again as I grabbed my iPhone charger. I arrived at Austin’s place and knocked on the door. At this point I was nervous, this was the first time I had ever done anything like this and I was very scared. Austin answered the door. As I saw the inside of his place it surprised me, it was very nice. I walked in and I said my phone is dead my I charge it, he said sure and plugged my phone into his iPhone charger (a big plus in my book for being an iPhone user). The next thing I said is something that I assume to some degree made Austin nervous. I asked if he had an issue with guns, and explained that I had one on my person. Austin said “as long as you are not going to shoot me, that’s fine”. I reassured Austin that I had no intention of shooting him. I felt nervous about being there, Austin has a really nice leather three seater couch, we sat on opposite sides and spoke about what I was looking for and what he wanted. I explained that I wanted to try it all, but that I was not looking for a relationship. We spoke about his life any my life and what each of us are passionate about. After we spoke for some time I left later than I originally planned. Austin hugged me and told me to have a safe trip out t0 check on Whore-face.

Austin and I spoke via text for a few days, and I decided I would not go to martial arts classes one night so that I could go over to his place. Austin told me that he had a rough day at work and I decided I would pack some condoms and massage oil. When I got over there Austin immediately took me to his bed room, and at this point I was really nervous, however I did have  charged phone (lol). We started cuddling and I asked if he wanted me to work on him. I am not a certified, insured, or licensed massage therapist, however I do have some experience, I did give him my usual “legal” disclaimer of that information. Austin said that he was okay with me working on him, I told him that I like to dig and I believe in using a lot of pressure. Austin said he would let me know if I was using too much pressure. I worked on Austin for what I assume was about a half of an hour and then we cuddled and spooned each other while talking until my watch alarm which I still have yet to take off went off at 23:00 hours (11:00 pm). I told Austin to have a good night and that I needed to go home and go to bed.

That was the last I saw of Austin in a romantic sense, this next part is purely speculation based on what happened. I feel that Austin was upset with me after I told him I was talking to someone else. I apologized to Austin and later he said that we were okay. Austin I do hope in the event that you are reading this blog that you understand I never meat to hurt you. I felt that I adequately have explained I am just looking for sex and if I get a friend or a Friend With Benefits (FWB) and by “benefits” I mean sex out of it that is even better. I do hope that last part doesn’t make me sound like any more of an asshole than I am. I did see Austin in a public setting not to long ago now and he said that he hopped that we were okay. I explained to him that I thought he was rather upset with me and he said that things are better now.

Feel free to comment and “like”, I will do my best to answer all comments on the blog. Next we will be talking a little more about the guys I spoke with and then the taking of my male on male v-card (virginity).


One thought on “Late at night…

  1. I continue to be intrigued by the posts in this blog, and I must say, I’m looking forward to the next post! Hopefully we’ll see it soon!


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