Get out…

To begin; on Grindr there are a fair amount of people that are looking for something to happen “right now” and people that want to be “discrete”. I was looking for “right now”, however as I previously mentioned I live with five (5) other people, so it is really hard for me to be “discrete”. This guy on Grindr sent me  “Hello. How are you?” and then shortly after I received a nude side profile shot, which much to my surprise was not a dick pic (picture of a penis). We spoke for several days he wanted to be very discrete. I said that unless he could host this would more than likely not be the possible. I managed to get off of work early one day and I was the only one home. I managed to have a moment where no one was home. I opened the Grindr application on my phone and messaged Matt and told him to come on over. To risk sounding racist, which I don’t believe I am and I do apologize if anyone finds my lack of political correctness offensive. I will explain further that my step family is “black” they are not “african-american” because they are not from Africa. I made the mistake of pointing out that the difference between us was that they are “of darker complexion” and I was told “You mean black”. I again am sorry for this side tangent, however I feel that due to everyone needing proper current political correctness in order to not offend anyone this should be explained. I do not call people “nigger”. My sister (technically step-sister) Liz is half black, and she occasionally allows me to use the word “nigga” however that is usually only on a rare occasion. Back to what happened. As I told Matt to come over and he was on his way, one of my roommates pulled up in the driveway. I quickly told my roommate to get out quickly. I quickly messaged the gut that my roommate was home and that he should avoid the house for another couple of minutes. My roommate Jacob was told that I had a discrete guy coming over for my first male on male interaction. That is one of my roommates that seems to fully understand that I as a human have sexual needs (really desires) to satisfy. After Jacob left the house Matt came into the house and had a voice that I was not expecting. His voice was slightly feminine. You will find later this is a huge turn off for me. Matt walks with me down into my bed room. I shut the door and lock it behind me. At this point I am really nervous, I mean why wouldn’t I be this is my guy on guy v-card being taken away. Matt starts undressing me and I was a little uncomfortable at this point. Normally I am the dominate one in the bed room. Next we lay down on my futon mattress, because I sleep on the floor by choice like a normal American (laughs to self). I fell that it is worth mentioning that at this point I still don’t know what Matt’s name is. So after undressing we are both naked and that was a little weird for me. The only time I have been even close to naked in the same room as another guy is in the changing room at the martial arts studio. He starts touching himself as when he took off his boxers he was already hard. At this point I was not because I was not really attracted to him or anything he was doing. As we were kissing he told me that I was being too aggressive with my kissing. I was a little taken back by this as I have only had one complaint about my kissing and that was that I was biting too hard. After Matt was done kissing and suggested that we move on, he told me to lay back on my folded up futon mattress. After I was down there I reassured one of my fears with Matt and asked him again if he was free of drugs, and more importantly STD or any STI. Matt assured me he was clean. I started to relax a little. Matt then sat on my lower abdomen and asked if I was okay and comfortable. I said yeah I do Jiu-Jitsu, this is not the first time a guy has sat on me. I was the first time a guy had sat on me while we were both naked. Matt started asking me if I went to school as I live right across the street form a four year college campus. I said that I did not attend that I had a forty an hour a week job. Matt said that he was a full time student. I attempted to ask Matt why he needed to be discrete, and I never really go a clear answer. After that Matt took my penis and ran it over his butt cheeks, at this point I was really nervous, because I was not wearing a condom. At this point in my life I don’t have an STD or STI and I would like to die saying that I never had either. I said that I would try almost anything once and that is one thing that I do not wish to know what is like. Back to what was happening. Matt asked me if I had ever seen another guy cum. I said “not in person”. He told me to touch his penis as he sat back. I leaned up and started jerking him off. As I started I noticed that his penis curved up a little and by comparison to mine he seemed a little bit smaller. The reason I bring up size is as most guys in America I am a little insecure about the size of my “manhood”. I would like to say that after all of the experiences to date, I am much more comfortable with my size. I would like to continue that his shape threw me off because mine is straight and the angle is only slightly up. Matt asked if I had any lube I said “yes” and went to my dresser drawer full of my sex toys, condoms, lube, and whatever else you might need to fun (handcuffs). I have come to find out that this is a little strange. Matt then took over and said oh here I come. I am going to cum. I was had a mild erection. Matt came and it looked about like when I cum only I was looking at it from another angle. Matt breathed heavily for a minute and then stood up and got dressed with out cleaning himself off, which I found to be a little disgusting. As Matt left I asked for his name and he said it as he started walking out of my room. I told him I would go look to make sure none of my roommates were home. He started walking up the stairs and out of the front door. I was uncomfortable and thought I might have made a mistake, I wondered if I really was curious or if that had just answered my question. Matt later asked me if we could hook-up, I had to say no. Matt did not even get me off, the way I feel is that he came over too undress, kiss, and have a guy touch him so that he could jerk off and leave the other guy hanging. That was not cool in my book. I am sorry it took me so long to get this post up, I will do my best to bring you the rest of my experiences as we go and let you know how I feel the experimentation is going. Thank you all for your support. Next time we get into the guy that I was confused by and found out I kind of like to have…


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