Not too far away…

I had seen that there was a guy that did not live too far away from my house. I continued to look at the guys profile picture on Grindr, for the sake of constantly using “the guy who lives no too far away from me” I will call him Bruce. I messaged Bruce to see if he wanted to hook-up. It took awhile for Bruce to respond to my initial message.

On a side tangent; I am a cheap person that doesn’t like to spend money on things that I don’t need unless they are made by Apple. Grindr is a free application, however if you want to receive notifications you would need to get “Grindr Xtra”. Grindr Xtra cost $0.99 and then a monthly subscription of $11.99. Grindr Xtra offers other features. Sorry for the side tangent.

Now back to the story…

Bruce finally messaged me back and we conversed, it wasn’t too long until I received a dick pic. At first I did not know how I felt about receiving this and how I should take it (no pun intended). I decided that we should meet, well he informed me of where he worked, so I went to his worksite. It took me awhile to find him and when I did I walked on past after I made sure I had found him. I saw that he was on the Grindr app. I sat in  corner where he couldn’t see me and messaged him where I was so that he could see me and look at me in person. Pictures can be very deceptive. I have only encountered one case where the guy was better looking in real life than in their picture, but you won’t hear about that and what has been the best sexual experience with another guy until my next post (spoiler). I messaged him on the app, and he responded. I was attempting to hook up with him that night, however our scheduled did not work out as I was going to see a friend at a local business, my friend is  the owner so you know I am not the kind of person who talks to their friend while they are at work.

A few days pass and Bruce and I are on the application at the same time. He was with-in a few feet of me. I knew how far away Bruce was because the app tells the distance from another person. I went to speak to Bruce for the first time. As I approached Bruce I noticed he was wearing jeans and a generic t-shirt, had shorter length blond-ish hair, and a gentleman’s beard. Bruce appeared to be a little “hick-ish”, I do not mean that as an insult. The thing that I did however have an issue with is Bruce’s voice, his voice threw me off because it sounded “gay”. What I mean is that when I looked at Bruce I assumed that he would have a deep masculine voice and then he spoke with a bit of a lisp. I am a person who can fall in love with a voice, usually because I want to attempt to copy it. Bruce and I talked for a while and he would make comments that were usually rude and to some extent degrading to me. Bruce appeared to have a “I don’t give a fuck” attitude and not one that comes off as that sexy bad boy.

So I message Bruce one night to come over so that we can get it on. Bruce comes over as he did not have to work that night. When I met Bruce at my door I was nervous as the last time hadn’t gone all that well. As Bruce walked down stairs into my bed room I shut and locked the door behind me, this is because of the “open door” policy I have with my other house-mates. I have told my house-mates if my door is open, come on it. If my door is shut, knock and come on in. If my door is locked, go away and I will talk to you later. Bruce and I start talking about how his life and mine were, I decided that I really didn’t want to do anything with him for some reason. However when I said that I was going to bed, what I though was a good way of saying “nothing is going to happen tonight, you can go home now”. Bruce stayed and started cuddling next to me. At this point I was kind of feeling very uncomfortable. Bruce spooned next to me and I said “good night”. Bruce continued to talk, I continued to reciprocate occasionally. I finally said “Well it’s really late and I have to work in the morning”. I then figured that a good way to get him out was to give him what he had come over for. I said “Oh, I am sorry I guess you didn’t get what you cam over for” (I know I am really subtle).

So we both get naked and he got hard, I am getting there. Bruce starts by aggressively making out with me. I found this to be a little odd, I felt like the kissing would never end. As you may have noticed I am not much of a romantic. I can be romantic, but not at two in the morning when I have to work at eight. I hope you can sympathize with that. After that I did not know what to do. I mean I didn’t know if I was suppose to go down on him.  I started to try to think of all of the coaching I had done in giving a guy oral, for use on me. I also was desperately trying to remember the time that one of my former supervisors gave a lecture in a bar on how to give a proper blow job. I started go put his penis in my mouth, and I made the biggest rookie mistake, one that I told myself I couldn’t make. So I look at his penis and grip it, again I was caught off guard by his penis being curved. I licked his penis and wondered what it would be like to attempt to orally pleas another guy. Well as it turns out it is pretty tasteless by comparison to preforming oral on a female. I was told that I was toothy. I was upset by this. However I was glad that he was being honest with me and not falsely telling me that I was great. He then said that he would take care of me and told me to lay on my back. I was a little nervous about this I had never had another guy blow me before. It’s really funny I had to keep telling myself to relax.

He started going down toward my penis, I took a deep breath and half way thru my breath he licked my penis, which threw me off a little. As he started slobbering on my dick, I began to wonder why he was not very good at giving blow jobs. I though that would be something that guys excelled at. However he gave an amazing hand job, something that most guys excel at. I felt him start to put one of his fingers somewhere, a place where the sun doesn’t shine, I felt uncomfortable. One reason I feel so uncomfortable is I thought that at first it was his penis. I was relieved when I found out it was indeed his finger. After he had me on the verge of coming for what I assume was about twenty minutes, it felt like forever and it was amazing. After I finally came, he began to jerk himself off, until he came on me. I thought that was disgusting, I then went and took a shower. I was hoping he would leave, Bruce was still on his phone when I got out of the shower, and showed no sign of leaving. I went to sleep and when I awoke to my alarm, Bruce was still laying next to me on my futon mattress on the floor.

So what’s next? I am glad you asked, because next I get to type about my best experience to date (October 15, 2015) with a guy, and it all started with a birthday party that I said I wasn’t going to attend. Well I attended it and I am glad I did.


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