The Party¡¡¡

Okay, so one of my co-workers has a birthday that is pretty close to mine. We had previously agreed that we would have a party at their house and it would be a combined party. I should let you know that this was not something that I was looking forward to. I was not looking forward to turning twenty-six. I wanted to have a night for me and my friends, and to avoid the awkwardness of having my co-workers and my friends have that weird moment of “I don’t know you, and I don’t know if I like you”, I decided to have my own party on the following Friday. That was going to work out well considering my co-worker’s party was going to be on Saturday. Well, at the last minute, things changed and they were having the party at one of their friend’s house on Friday.  I said that I would not be attending as my friends would be at my house. They said that parties at this person’s house (Kevin’s house) were legend…wait for it…and I hope you’re not lactose intolerant, because the second part is dairy (I really like the show “How I Met Your Mother”).

I told them I would make my apple pie shots, and after finding some pots big enough to make the quantity of apple pie shots I was planning on making, I got the shots made. I went with the intention of staying for a little while, and then I planned on leaving. Well, a good friend and co-worker of mine Kelly said she was going to the birthday party for my co-worker Cathryn. Cathryn had recently turned, well let’s not get into that. So I finished making my apple pie shots. I asked one of my roommates Thor to drive me to the party and then back home upon my text. Thor took me to the address that Cathryn texted me. Upon my arrival, I walked in and sat down my apple pie shots, they said that there was food and other alcoholic beverages available. After a fun filled round of interesting introductions, and singing (three of the people there are well trained opera singers), it was said that we would go around and say our favorite thing about Cathryn. After some sarcasm, we moved on to their favorite thing about me, well it didn’t take too long for them to run out of ideas.

We moved on to playing “moose,” a favorite of my co-worker James. James is famous, at least to Kelly and myself, for “moose”. If you don’t know how to play moose, it’s pretty simple. Everyone pours a little bit of their drink into the bowl and then you place an ice tray on the side of the bowl. If the two quarters that you bounce land in the left side of the ice tray, you take that many drinks; if it lands in the right side, you get to give out that many drinks. If one of the quarters lands in the bowl, and you are the last person or someone that doesn’t put your hand on your head and say “Moose!” then you have to drink the pool of peoples’ drinks. So we play moose for about an hour and a half, this is a guess, as I was drinking my shots made with Everclear like juice. I start to realize that I am getting really drunk, so I step out of the game in order to “sober” up a little. To help in my sobering up, I decide to eat some Doritos.  A guy walks up to the party and I notice that it’s this creepy guy that I remember from a local bar with, in my opinion, a really annoying voice. This guy, who is annoying and creepy, again in my opinion, really is too bad because he is pretty attractive.

So this guy walks over he says “hello” to one of his friends. I noticed that the voice was not the annoying guy. So I started talking to this guy, and I felt like he was really familiar, and more than just the guy that was annoying. I thought about it and it finally hit me that he was a guy from Grindr. I pulled out my phone to confirm my suspicion. I looked and the guy sitting next to me was “79 feet away”. I asked him if he was gay or bi. He looked at me confused for a moment. I explained that I was on Grindr as well. We continued talking casually. We split apart. I went to go play some more drinking games. While I was out playing drinking games, he had gone inside. I had to use the bathroom, so I went inside and well I am sure you know how people use the bathroom. As I was getting ready to leave the house, I saw Jace (guy from Grindr) in the living room, so I asked what he was doing. Jace said that he was talking to a friend and realized that he had lost his phone, I offered to call it for him. Jace said that his phone was on silent. We looked in the living room for awhile, until I asked if he was sure that he had brought it in. He said he didn’t know for sure whether or not he had it inside with him. We met at a point in the living room where we locked eyes for a moment, and I thought we were going to kiss. I was right; we did and he was a good kisser, even with his facial hair, which I had not been a fan of with all of my one other experience.

It was just after we kissed that I thought “It would be really cool if we hooked-up”. So we went back outside to the party where we went separate ways. Well it didn’t take us too long to make our way out behind the garage. While behind the garage, we started making out. Jace is a really good looking guy and a great kisser. Well, we started feeling up the inside of each other’s legs and butts. That led to the caressing of the front and top of the pelvis about two inches above the penis. Which led to the feeling up of each others’ penis. This was the first time I had ever done anything like this and so close to being in public. We heard people asking where we were, so we decided it would probably be best if we made our way back to the party. Well we did and then what came next was even better.

One of my co-workers suggested that we play “Spin-the-Bottle”. So we start playing and I made out with everyone, so here is the skinny about how well they kissed. Cathryn was pretty good, she was a little wet, but it was intense in a good way. One of my co-workers felt resistant and another one was dominating which is something that I hadn’t really experienced. The guy who’s house we were at wasn’t a bad kisser either, a little wet for my taste, but still not too bad. Finally, on this point of kissing, Jace and I did have some good kissing as well.

So as the party started winding down, I texted my roommate Thor who had agreed to drive me home. I was starting to sober up a little bit, but I still did not want to walk home. I asked Thor if it would be okay if he drove my new found friend home. Thor agreed to drive him home. Thor arrived and Jace and I got into Thor’s van. While Thor was driving us to Jace’s house, Jace and I were texting making arrangements for me to stay the night at his house. We get to Jace’s house and I tell Thor “thanks” for driving us and I told him to “have a good night”. Thor asked if I was going to be riding back with him and I told him the I was staying the night. Upon entering Jace’s house, I noticed that he had a nice place and it was really clean. We spoke for maybe five minutes and then went into his bedroom. Jace started to take off his clothes. Jace said that if I wanted to sleep in his bed with him, I would have to sleep naked. I said that was okay that is how I prefer to sleep. We got into bed and originally had decided that nothing would happen. While we did not think anything would happen, well we were wrong. Jace and I started kissing with led to the touching of each other’s penises. We both had erections, and this was really new and strange to me, but I felt comfortable. Jace and I exchanged oral sex, and then he rolled up on top of me and told me to put on a condom and I thought that I was going to penetrate his anus. Well he stopped just before it happened and did something that was hot and felt really good. Jace grabbed the condom and pulled it off of my penis, which felt really good, strange but good. Jace then started stimulating my penis with his hand and I started returning the favor. We both ejaculated at roughly the same time. We fell asleep and woke up and talked for around forty-five minutes and then we started kissing again and getting erections. That is where this story comes to an end, because we made the bed as Jace had some other engagements to make.

I walked home. I had never done a one-night-stand “walk of shame”, I still really didn’t do a good walk of shame. I did not have much if any shame, I felt amazing. I must say that is still the best sex I have had with another guy and we still stay in contact. At this point in time, I would say you probably won’t hear about any more encounters with Jace. I don’t think we will interact with each other in a “blog worthy” way.

Sorry this post took so long to write. There was a lot that had to go into it and I needed to be in the mood for it, because this was a really big factor in me finding out for sure that I am bi-sexual. Don’t worry about this being the last post, I have been busy working and getting more material for this blog. As I always say “Don’t Forget To Be Awesome!” (DFTBA) and “Have fun. Be safe. Don’t die and make good choices”.

Edited by

-Kelly Whitaker


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