Sunday was a painful experience…

I think you can probably infer I had an amazing time at the party Friday night (see last blog post). Well I didn’t waste any time getting on to the next adventure. I had spoken to his guy a few times and met him once  before. Harry messaged me on Saturday and asked what I was doing. I already had plans for Saturday so I made sure Sunday worked for him. Sunday was a go! I went over to his place and as I walked in I asked him if his roommates knew he was gay. His response was amusing as he said something to the effect of “Honey if they couldn’t gather from having lived with me then I don’t know what to tell them”. Harry did confirm that his roommates knew that he was gay. We went into his room. I was a little nervous, as I didn’t know what to expect. In some regards I still had Friday’s party on my mind. We started talking kind of awkwardly on his bed. We started moving closer together, and he pulled out his computer and asked what movie I wanted to watch as he had several on his computer, as well as Netflix. Well after starting an episode of…well I don’t remember what was playing, we started kissing.

We started feeling each other up. He started rubbing my crotch, I must admit I was getting turned on. I am sure some of the reason for me getting turned on is how hot this guy was. This guy is roughly six foot, with longer hair. I usually don’t like longer hair, but he made it work. My underwear were starting to get a little crowded with so much blood flow. I wondered what we were going to do. I thought to myself maybe I will get to top him or maybe he will top me. I didn’t know if I was ready to be topped yet. He pulled out his penis and took off his pants as well as finished taking off his shirt. I took off my clothes, and started touching his penis. He got some lubricant, and started applying it to my penis and stroking it. I got some and started returning the favor. I started preforming oral sex on him and he stopped me and started working on himself. That is about where it ended. We continued to masturbate, both ourselves and occasionally each other, but we both orgasmed, so that was good.

If you’re wondering why I say this was a painful experience. Well after we got done and got “off”, we needed to clean up. Right? Of course, so we took a shower. The shower was fun it was my first time with a guy in the shower and it was enjoyable, we just talked. After the shower we went back into his room. We started talking on his bed again, I decided considering that I had to work early in the morning that it would be best if I went home. My contact fell out of my eye while we were talking. I asked him if he had any solution. He said that he had some Peroxide solution for contacts. I did not know what that was and I was under the assumption that it was normal Saline solution. I would have known differently if I would have listened to him. He even asked if I was sure, I said “yeah, I do this all the time at home.”. I was wondering why he was such a wimp about this. Well I found out really quickly that it was Peroxide contact solution was terrible without having it dilute in the proper solution.

After some intense cold water cleansing on my eye and some time to stop crying I left. I will say Harry was a gentlemen as he did not laugh at me for crying and not listening to him.

What’s next well lets just say it was big and didn’t last long.


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