Second time cuming…

Sorry it has been so long, but I have been a busy, busy boy. Not necessarily getting busy, but busy as in I work and do my martial arts most of the time. Anyway I doubt you care about all that lets get down to business.

Most people seem to enjoy one thing…sex. I was feeling particularly “frisky” and adventurous. I messaged Austin. I assume that you are thinking that you have heard that name mentioned in my blog already, well you would be correct if you thought it was the same guy. Austin said that he would “top” me or penetrate my anus with his penis. I wanted to try “bottoming” the receiver of the one “topping”. I feel that it is needless to say, but I am going to say it anyway. I was feeling very nervous. I did some research online to see what I would need to do to get ready as Assign had messaged me back. Austin said that he had to work later that night. Austin came over just before nine at night. We went straight to my room and he got hard. I asked him what the best way was and he told me to lay down on my stomach and put my butt in the air.

I read online that I would need to use lots of lube. I also dedicated and made sure the my back door was as clean as I could get it. Austin put on the condom that I handed him and told me to relax. Austin repeatedly grabbed me by my hips and placed me where he wanted me. Austin started out slowly trying to enter my anus. My first thought was relax, breath, and “shit that hurts”. I tried to relax, I must admit it was a very strange feeling and as I have mentioned Austin had a penis that I think was just a little smaller than mine. I am grateful that he was not “hung”. As he continued to thrust into my butt, I started getting into it and then he said that he was about to cum. Austin ripped off the condom and ejaculated on my back. Austin ejaculating on my back was almost as weird as the front to me. Austin thanked me and left as he needed to get to work.

After Austin had left I took a shower and attempted to get the lubrication out of my anus. While I was attempting to clean up, my rectum hurt and I noticed that I was bleeding. Dedicating for the next few days was a little uncomfortable and I felt like I had eaten too much. After all of that Austin messaged me again and said that if I ever wanted him to top me again all I would need to do is ask. Until next time when you will hear about Steven… Until next time have fun, be safe, don’t die, make good choices.

Next blog update will be February 4th at eight at night.


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