What to say now?

I have had quiet a fun time with this blog thanks to these guys, gals, friends, and family. These people have helped me become who I am on a much deeper level and I feel I understand who I am, at least in a slightly better sense. I hope you have found my blog entertaining, helpful, or […]

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A night to remember…

Okay so I said that this is was one of my fantasies. I have Grindr to thank for that, and more importantly I have a friend to thank for that. I met a guy online and started talking to him. One day he happened to be coming to town. I met him when he came to […]

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On holiday…

So I got drunk on a Saturday night, but more importantly so did a friend of mine at my house. I was talking to this guy from Grindr, and told him that if he wanted to join me and my friends at my house as we were in my room drinking it would be “cool” […]

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