Wow you’re big in more than one way…

It had been awhile since I had been with anyone. I started talking to this guy on Grindr, which is a big surprise (it was for me later). I started talking to this guy and he said that he was stressed and I said that I do some massage. He said that sounded great. This guy brought his own coconut oil and I thought that was cool as he said that he was into organic things. I told him I did not know what my oil had in it as I didn’t have the label anymore. Steven came over and I gave him a massage. I have made it clear to all potential sexual partners that massage and sex are separateĀ for me and one does not lead to the other, nor will I do anything sexual while they are on the massage table. Sorry for the mini rant but I felt that needed to be addressed to my readers as well. Steven came over multiple times and was a nice guy to talk to about his ideas and beliefs.

One day seemingly out of the blue we started texting and surprisingly enough I did not have my usual practice that day so I told him he should come on over and we could start cuddling and go from there. Steven came over and we talked and then our shirts came off and then later our pants and then the underwear, he was huge. I was not expecting him to have a penis that was as big as it was. I am six foot and just under and inch. This was was taller than me by about five inches and larger than me by what seemed to be the same margin. I started kissing him and we made out for awhile. He was an interesting kisser. I don’t know what it was about his kissing that was different than anything I had experienced, but it wasn’t bad. I started to lick down his body going over his nice chest and abdomen, working my way to the top of his pelvis and then I got to his penis. His penis was big and erect, I started working my oral magic (lol). Shortly after starting he stopped me and I continued masterbating him. He started touching me and I was already erect. Wow this was going really well and I was much less nervous that I thought I would be but I guess that fades with time and exposure (no pun intended). We both ejaculated and continued to cuddle on my floor. I was a really good time and I thought that it would be cool if we did this again.

Next update is scheduled for February 11th at eight at night.


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