On holiday…

So I got drunk on a Saturday night, but more importantly so did a friend of mine at my house. I was talking to this guy from Grindr, and told him that if he wanted to join me and my friends at my house as we were in my room drinking it would be “cool” if he joined. Enrique decided to join us at my house for drinking games. I told my friends that a friend was coming over. Well my female friend got to drunk to go home, which is fine everyone knows I would rather they stay at my house than risk drunk driving, or getting hit by a car because the sidewalk is too complicated for them. However, that does not stop me from giving her a hard time about this still to this day.

Enrique joined and started drinking with us. My friends all attempted to make him feel welcome as they do with most people. We are a social group of people who usually are cool with most people. We all drank and I was starting to get tired and horny. So I told everyone that this would need to be the last round of the game. My female friend slept in my room and Enrique and the rest of the guests went upstairs. Enrique and I spoke on the couch until four or five in the morning. He went back to his friends house where he was staying. I slept on the couch until my friend left the next morning. Enrique texted me and told me that he was awake and ready to meet if I was. He was much more subtle than that. He said that he was awake and eating with his friends. We decided that he should come back over now that I had control of my room. Enrique and I went downstairs to my room, and we stared getting ready for some fun time when he said he wanted to take a shower.

In to the shower we went it was hot and I am not talking about the water. We started kissing, and I don’t know what it is about guys but so far I haven’t ran into many bad kissers, and he was not exception. I went down on him, and kept going until finally he came. Then I realized what time it was, I said that I needed to get out of the shower. He went back to my room with me and I started getting dressed, he seemed confused as he questioned what I was doing. I told him that I had Spanish class. I don’t think he fully believed me as it was Sunday, but that is when our friend teaches us Spanish. He said that he thought we would be doing more in my room. We have kept in contact and we actually just got done texting as I finish this up.

Well the next post will the one that gets you all caught up on what I am doing in my sex life (at least with other people). NEXT: How did I reign in my New Year? Until next time (February 18th, 2016 @ 8pm) Don’t Forget To Be Awesome!


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