The new year wasn’t a release…

I was out with friends on New Years Eve I was having a great time and this guy texted me saying that he wanted to hook-up and that I should meet him at a local bar. I went to the bar and this guy was really nice and good looking. I was mildly surprised that he wanted anything to do with me. He lived literally as close to the bar as you can and we went inside his apartment. We talked for a while and then went to his room. We started kissing and taking each others clothes off. We were talking the whole time and it was quiet fun. I looked at the time and explained that I had to be somewhere in five hours and that did not leave a lot of time for sleep so neither one of us got off, but we had a good time.

NEXT TIME: You find out that I got to live one of my fantasies all thanks to the person that hogged my room.


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