A night to remember…

Okay so I said that this is was one of my fantasies. I have Grindr to thank for that, and more importantly I have a friend to thank for that. I met a guy online and started talking to him. One day he happened to be coming to town. I met him when he came to my house as he was waiting to go meet another friends house but, I asked if he would be willing to stop by. He did and we sat and talked, I thought he didn’t want to do anything. I later found out that he did want to do something I just did not read the situation that right way. After we were talking online and started texting, we talked about him potentially moving in to our house. We of course wanted to meet and talk for awhile and then we would have him come here and meet the rest of the potential house mates.

I had part of the weekend off and I asked my friend if I could borrow her car. She agreed to let me take her car on a two hour trip to go visit this guy in his dorm. As luck would have it all of his roommates were gone for the weekend. He had to get home  early, which was about an hours drive from his dorm. We sat and talked for awhile, it was a good conversation. He said that we should put a movie on in the living room and laid down a unused mattress and started watching the first “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie. We started by cuddling, and then went to kissing. I started rubbing his chest and feeling his smooth sexy abs. I must say my slight discomfort with guys has completely subsided. I then started going into his shorts, I felt the bulge as I did. I went down and played with his testicles and penis from the outside of his pants. I felt the blood rushing into his massive penis. We kissed some more and then I went down on him. Wow that was a lot of penis to fit into my mouth. I almost gaged, yikes. He rolled over and I played with his penis from behind and then started rimming his anus with my tongue, something that I never thought I would do. Wow he seemed to be into it. I started penetrating his anus with my tongue and then my finger. He started moaning, this was hot.

After he came and then sucked and jerked me to an explosive ejaculation that took me about twenty seconds to recover form. It was such a forceful discharge that some landed on the recliner next to my head. We went and cleaned up before going to sleep in his bunk bed. This was my fantasy having sex in a dorm room, and the best part is I didn’t even bother anyone. After that fun we laid down and were asleep with in ten minutes, cuddling him as a big spoon was really natural and relaxing. Holding Drake was so satisfying. Drake woke me up around six by rubbing my penis, he started rubbing his penis on my anus, I was really turned on. He went in. Oh that hurt and then it felt really good and went between those two while I focused on relaxing and breathing. After he came I went back to sleep and woke him up about an hour later. I then put my penis in his anus, and I came really quickly as he was really tight. He didn’t even know that I had came and wanted more. I felt like a failure. We went back to sleep for a short period of time and then we got up. He took a shower, I got my stuff together and drove home. I was bleeding from my anus for two days, done worry nothing too severe. I also was really gassy for the rest of that day.

Tomorrow morning at ten I will post again. What will I post well you will just have to wait…


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