A second time cuming.

Some of you may remember a guy who a group of my friends now call RJ (Rim Job, the first guy I gave a rim job to), his name was Drake. Drake stopped by the other day and said he was in another town. I asked what he wanted to do, he said “hang out and maybe more”. My room was a horrid mess, like the door barely opened. So I jokingly asked my house mate Lane if I could use his room. Drake/RJ texted me back that he was serious about sleeping with me. I looked at Lane and said “yes”. Lane agreed to allow me to use his bed for some long over due fun.

I let RJ know that it was cool for him to spend the night with me. RJ arrived about thirty minutes later. We went into Lane’s room and we talked for about twenty minutes. We both decided it was time for bed. I stripped to my boxers and he was still wearing sweats (apparently he is never warm enough). I started feeling up his shirt to feel his amazing abs. After that I slowly started working towards his back and then down to his pelvis. If you read the original story with Drake then you know how sexy he is. I finished by slowly but firmly grabbing his firm penis. I applied pressure and moved my hand about until I knew I had to go down on him. I went down and he came in my mouth, it was a good time. We went to sleep. Around four in the morning I woke of and noticed that Drake had a mild erection, so I again went down on him. After working on him for what was between five and seven minutes, he came again. We both passed out and when we woke up the next morning it was time for him to go. He thanked me for the blowjobs and the bed to sleep in. I made a comment about how only one of us did any work last night. He said he never said he wanted to do anything, but that it was fun.

To sum up this night it didn’t go as planned, but it had been about eight months since I had had sex. I didn’t know how close my next time was, but you can read about it in three days.


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