Getting off in 2017.

I went to Chicago for training for two weeks. I happened to be in town for New Years. I started my New Years celebration at the training center. I ate as they cook a meal. I stayed and then headed out on the Chicago metro. I went to a bar called Jackhammer. I did some […]

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Hot situation.

So I have been working on this guy for a very long time. Romeo is a very attractive guy, not the kind that I usually find overly attractive, but he is a good looking bloke. Romeo has a girlfriend Juliet, I know and like Juliet. One day I was talking to Juliet about how I […]

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Two weeks.

I had quiet the dry spell before RJ called. You know how that went down, it was just me. One of my house-mate’s girlfriend said she had a friend that was gay. I said okay describe him to me. She did and I knew of the guy, at least in a vague way. His name […]

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