Two weeks.

I had quiet the dry spell before RJ called. You know how that went down, it was just me. One of my house-mate’s girlfriend said she had a friend that was gay. I said okay describe him to me. She did and I knew of the guy, at least in a vague way. His name Anthony. Anthony is a guy that is not overly flamboyantly gay, with is a good thing. I cannot stand the overly “gay” voice. Anthony has a job and is a full time student. We have a good understanding of each others passions, and that they come before our dating lives. Anthony and I met playing strip poker. My housemates girlfriend called him up, and he came over to play a game. Before I knew it I was naked and everyone else was in their undies. The rules then changed to if you lost you could take a shot instead of stripping. I later had to use the bathroom, so I got up and went. I think Anthony was impressed by my confidence.

My housemate and his girlfriend went to their bedroom. Anthony and I sat out on the couch and talked for awhile. We did not end up doing anything sexual until the following night. Anthony came over and the house was mine and mine alone. So downstairs on my sectional, we decided we were going to do this. I was the top or the penetrator, and he was the bottom. I lasted maybe two minutes, wow his butt was tight. That was single handedly the tightest thing my penis has ever entered. I was shaking after I ejaculated. It was amazing.

Next you get to hear about when I topped a “straight” guy.


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