Hot situation.

So I have been working on this guy for a very long time. Romeo is a very attractive guy, not the kind that I usually find overly attractive, but he is a good looking bloke. Romeo has a girlfriend Juliet, I know and like Juliet. One day I was talking to Juliet about how I though Romeo was very attractive and if he were single and curious, I would like to show him what a guy could offer him. Fun fact: Romeo was bicurious, but didn’t know anyone that could help him experiment and still keep the things private. Juliet told me this and that she was okay with me sleeping with her boyfriend. I though my brain and penis were going to explode right then, simply out of excitement. Romeo was not as keen on the idea. I thought I was subtly letting him now that I wanted to show him a good time. Juliet later told me that it was rather transparent. I worked on him for about four months. Eventually the day came where he said he was ready, I still didn’t know what was going to happen. I asked my housemate Lane if I could use his bed as my room was in major dis-array. Lane said it was okay. So everything was a go. Romeo came over and we got into bed. I asked if it was okay for me to sleep in my boxers. Romeo said he didn’t mind. I asked if we were going to do anything. Romeo laid there for a moment and then said he was ready. I asked where he wasted to start, I suguested kissing. He said he just wanted a dick in his ass. I happily obliged with a condom and some lube. I started slowly and build up a little more speed. After about three minutes, he stopped and said lay down. I laid down on my back, then he sat on my penis and road it for about another three minutes, he came. Wow that was hot, then I continued to thrust, he stopped me just before I came. I guess I started going rougher than I anticipated. He stopped got dressed and left as his testicles were burning. He still hasn’t said more that five words to me since the incident.


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