2 Guest, 1 BJ

I had two friends staying at my house for  a short period of time. These friends are people who I did not know very well but Billy and Lyla are now good friends, though for reasons that shall not be mentioned we cannot see each other very often.

It should be well stated that I had other people in the house at the time of the following engagement. I had moved everyone out of the basement that wasn’t participating. Billy, Lyla and I slept on the downstairs couch. I had chatted with Lyla earlier in the day about the possibility of hooking up as her boyfriend of several months had recently decided to say “Au Revoir”. I figured while she was over we could help her get in a quick rebound, and be to get off.

Billy and I on the left and Lyla on the right. We talked about having a three way. Lyla said that she would like to see Billy and I make out and maybe do something else, then she might join in. Billy and I were okay with that so we made out for a minute. Billy’s strong suite is not kissing. I started feeling his package and if he were to ship it, he’d need an extra large box. I slowly took off his shorts and then his underwear. Billy doesn’t wear the American Eagle performance trunks like I do. He wears boxer briefs, disgusting in my opinion. I started to go down on Billy and I have to say if memory serves me correctly he is the third biggest guy I’ve hooked up with. His penis had to be 8.5″ to 9″ long. I worked on him and he asked is Lyla was going to join. We asked, she said “keep going”. By the time we asked again she was asleep. I worked on Billy a little longer, then we both found a porn video and some lube. We took care of ourselves and went to sleep.

The next morning Billy and I talked about our number of sexual partners. Let’s just say their old enough to drink, because we’re sluts. Until I venture out again.


Don’t Forget To Be Awesome!


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