Round 2.

I forget why I stopped blogging. I really enjoy this. I get to document my (sex) life and you get the pleasure of reading about it all. I have had a number of people tel me that were a little upset with me when I stopped blogging. I don’t generally like to disappoint people, so […]

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2 Guest, 1 BJ

I had two friends staying at my house for  a short period of time. These friends are people who I did not know very well but Billy and Lyla are now good friends, though for reasons that shall not be mentioned we cannot see each other very often. It should be well stated that I had […]

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Double Header (part 2)

This picks up after I went to help a friend out. I proceeded to go about my day. I’m very happy that I didn’t have to work this particular day. While it is unknown to me how your body handles getting some action. My body usually goes into sex overdrive. I texted a friend with […]

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Double Header (Part 1)

I had a late night the night before, yet my circadian rhythm said “Wake up!” So here I am awake. I looked at my phone to see what time it was it was just before 09:30. I had a Facebook messenger notification. I looked at it, and saw it was from one of my friends. The […]

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Getting off in 2017.

I went to Chicago for training for two weeks. I happened to be in town for New Years. I started my New Years celebration at the training center. I ate as they cook a meal. I stayed and then headed out on the Chicago metro. I went to a bar called Jackhammer. I did some […]

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Hot situation.

So I have been working on this guy for a very long time. Romeo is a very attractive guy, not the kind that I usually find overly attractive, but he is a good looking bloke. Romeo has a girlfriend Juliet, I know and like Juliet. One day I was talking to Juliet about how I […]

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Two weeks.

I had quiet the dry spell before RJ called. You know how that went down, it was just me. One of my house-mate’s girlfriend said she had a friend that was gay. I said okay describe him to me. She did and I knew of the guy, at least in a vague way. His name […]

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