Second time cuming…

Sorry it has been so long, but I have been a busy, busy boy. Not necessarily getting busy, but busy as in I work and do my martial arts most of the time. Anyway I doubt you care about all that lets get down to business. Most people seem to enjoy one thing…sex. I was feeling […]

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The Party¡¡¡

Okay, so one of my co-workers has a birthday that is pretty close to mine. We had previously agreed that we would have a party at their house and it would be a combined party. I should let you know that this was not something that I was looking forward to. I was not looking […]

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Not too far away…

I had seen that there was a guy that did not live too far away from my house. I continued to look at the guys profile picture on Grindr, for the sake of constantly using “the guy who lives no too far away from me” I will call him Bruce. I messaged Bruce to see […]

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Get out…

To begin; on Grindr there are a fair amount of people that are looking for something to happen “right now” and people that want to be “discrete”. I was looking for “right now”, however as I previously mentioned I live with five (5) other people, so it is really hard for me to be “discrete”. […]

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Late at night…

I have a dog that does not live with me her name is Whore-face (this is not her real name, however she does have dark spots around her eyes which looks like too much makeup). My dog lives in a nearby town with a family member, who at the time was out of town. I […]

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