On holiday…

So I got drunk on a Saturday night, but more importantly so did a friend of mine at my house. I was talking to this guy from Grindr, and told him that if he wanted to join me and my friends at my house as we were in my room drinking it would be “cool” […]

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Second time cuming…

Sorry it has been so long, but I have been a busy, busy boy. Not necessarily getting busy, but busy as in I work and do my martial arts most of the time. Anyway I doubt you care about all that lets get down to business. Most people seem to enjoy one thing…sex. I was feeling […]

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The Party¡¡¡

Okay, so one of my co-workers has a birthday that is pretty close to mine. We had previously agreed that we would have a party at their house and it would be a combined party. I should let you know that this was not something that I was looking forward to. I was not looking […]

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Not too far away…

I had seen that there was a guy that did not live too far away from my house. I continued to look at the guys profile picture on Grindr, for the sake of constantly using “the guy who lives no too far away from me” I will call him Bruce. I messaged Bruce to see […]

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Get out…

To begin; on Grindr there are a fair amount of people that are looking for something to happen “right now” and people that want to be “discrete”. I was looking for “right now”, however as I previously mentioned I live with five (5) other people, so it is really hard for me to be “discrete”. […]

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